Post Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery

After receiving a bariatric (weight loss) procedure, additional plastic surgery, including a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, may be necessary to correct excess skin and leftover fat. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), nearly 132,000 patients received a tummy tuck, and 166,500 received a breast augmentation in Brazil in 2015. Rio de Janeiro is responsible for a significant amount of Brazil’s plastic surgery operations. Since these are some of Dr. Alexandre Charão’s most common procedures, receiving post-bariatric (weight loss) surgery under his care is very safe. He has a proven high success rate among patients and works hard to understand each patient’s individual needs and aesthetic goals.

Your Initial Consultation


As you are researching post-bariatric procedures, it is important for you to define your expectations. During your initial consultation, you can discuss various options which will work for your goals and current situation. To help give Dr. Alexandre Charão a clear idea of your desired results, you should send photos of how you would like your body to look.

Finishing Touches

A post bariatric procedure provides the finishing touches necessary to deliver natural-looking, slimming results. After bariatric surgery, it is normal to have excess skin from the amount fat removed from your body. Since this skin stretched over time to accommodate extra fat, it typically becomes loose and flabby after a bariatric procedure. Usually, the affected areas include the abdomen, breasts, arms, and thighs. A post-bariatric procedure can help remove and tighten this loose skin to conform to your new, smaller silhouette. There are generally four major surgeries performed during a post-bariatric procedure:

*Depending on a patient’s goals, sometimes butt implants are also inserted.

Typically, two surgeries can be performed on the same day. It is common to have the breasts and abdomen corrected at the same time. The other areas are then treated. To enhance results, Dr. Alexandre Charão usually finishes any post-bariatric procedure with a liposuction.

Ideal Patients

Dr. Alexandre Charão recommends that patients wait at least 2 years after receiving a weight loss surgery to receive a post-bariatric procedure. This decision will be made during your initial consultation and will also depend on recommendations from the surgeon responsible for your weight-loss procedure. A post-bariatric procedure should only be done when a person will not lose more weight. When considering a post-bariatric surgery, patients are advised to test their nutritional levels. Only people in good health should receive this surgery.

Postoperative Care

Postoperative care is similar to the plastic surgery procedures listed as part of a post-bariatric procedure. Patients should avoid physical exertion and sunbathing, and are advised to wear a compression garment. Also, regular lymphatic drainage massages are highly recommended.

Total Cost and Before & After Photos

Congratulations, if you have read this far, then you are really committed to receiving a post-bariatric procedure. Your next step should be to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Alexandre Charão. During this 1 hour meeting, he will disclose further details, including total cost. Most international patients can save 50-70% by traveling to Brazil for surgery.

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