Breast Reduction

Breast reduction plastic surgery corrects imperfections caused by a decrease in gland tissue and an increase in fat in the breasts. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), nearly 73,000 (#1 in the world) breast reduction procedures were performed in Brazil in 2015. Rio de Janeiro is responsible for a significant amount of Brazil’s plastic surgery operations. Since Dr. Alexandre Charão regularly performs breast reduction operations, receiving breast reduction under his care is very safe. He has a proven high success rate among patients and works hard to understand each patient’s individual needs and aesthetic goals.

Benefits of a Breast Reduction

The goal of any breast reduction procedure is to reduce the volume of the breasts and correct issues like asymmetry and sagging. There are various techniques and methods which will be discussed during your initial consultation with Dr. Alexandre Charão. If a patient does not want to reduce the size, it is possible to only focus on other issues like sagging. A breast reduction surgery is commonly used to treat the following concerns:

  • Excessively large breasts which cause chronic back pain
  • Heavy breasts that cause loose skin
  • As a complementary procedure used to treat diseases

Your Initial Consultation


As you are researching breast reduction procedures, it is important for you to define your expectations. During your initial consultation, you can discuss various options which will work for your goals and current situation. To help give Dr. Alexandre Charão a clear idea of your desired results, you should send him photos of how you would like your breasts to look.

Postoperative Recovery

The surgery typically lasts 24 hours. Scarring from a breast reduction procedure depends on a patient’s needs and how much fat, skin, and breast tissue are removed. Typically, scar lines are easy to hide and fade after one year. During the postoperative recovery period, patients should not smoke cigarettes. During the first 14 days, patients should avoid raising their arms. A compression surgical bra should be worn for at least one month. Sports and exercise can be resumed after two months. Also, it is advised to avoid lifting heavy objects or exposing the breasts to direct sunlight for at least six months. Full results usually appear between 8-18 months after surgery.

Total Cost and Before & After Photos

Congratulations, if you have read this far, then you are really committed to receiving a breast reduction procedure. Your next step should be to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Alexandre Charão. During this 1 hour meeting, he will disclose further details, including total cost. Most international patients can save 50-70% by traveling to Brazil for surgery.

You can contact Dr. Alexandre Charão at Whatsapp, click here.

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