Arm (brachioplasty) and Thigh (cruroplasty) Lift Plastic Surgery

Sculpted arms without flaccidity is the main objective of Brachioplasty, also known as arm lift. Brachioplasty, also known as arm lift, reduces the excess skin and fat between the armpit and the elbow. Thus, the arm lift makes the skin suppler with very smooth contours, thus remodeling your arm.

In the thighs, on the other hand, we are able to remove a large amount of excess fat and skin through Cruroplasty, or Thigh Lift.

These two plastic surgeries have had great advancements and we will list everything that can be improved. If viable, we can even do it without incisions or scars, or with a reduced scar, through high-definition ultrasonic Lipo using plasma blast.

Indications for Brachioplasty and Cruroplasty

These two surgeries are indicated for those who had a great weight loss, regardless if it was after bariatric surgery or a light diet and exercises. They are indicated for:

  1. Post-bariatric surgery
  2. After great weight losses without surgery
  3. In people with a family history of very thick arms and thighs, regardless if due to weight loss or not

What we have noticed is that those that underwent weight-reduction plastic surgery usually present more flaccidity, thinned skin and a musculature with less tonus. In both cases, having done the bariatric surgery or not, we have several solutions to propose during your appointment.

Whenever possible, we indicate a solution that doesn’t leave a scar or that leaves the smallest scar possible.

How do we solve the problem without a scar?

  1. Ultrasonic Liposuction, which preserves the septa that retract the skin
  2. Argoplasma or Renuvion plasma blast
  3. Fat grafting in the biceps, triceps and deltoid for hypertrophy
  4. Fat graft to increase muscle tone
  5. A combination of some of the items above

How to know which method applies to you?

Like with any medical problem, it is necessary to have an appointment. For Brazilians and people going through Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), we recommend the face-to-face appointment.

But if you live far away, we can have a first appointment online. For years Dr Alexandre Charão has bee seeing patients from other countries. There are a series of benefits to having plastic surgeries like arm or thigh lift in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

Dr Alexandre Charão will show you before and after photos, will discuss prices, payment conditions and the post-op period.

Highly efficient and traditional method

In some cases, the skin flaccidity is so great that cutaneous-retraction technologies will not give the expected result, or will have an outcome shy of what was expected by the patient. In these cases, we indicate a Brachial Lift or Crural Lift, always trying to minimize the scars.

What do we do in these cases?

  1. Precise calculation seeking maximum fat removal, starting with a Lipo. We have had cases where we were able to aspirate 1 liter from each arm.
  2. Precise calculation seeking maximum skin removal, from the armpit to two fingers above the elbow
  3. Precise calculation of where the final scar will be; it can’t be too in front of the arm neither too in back, since they must be hidden

How are the scars hidden?

This is one of the great difficulties in this procedure. Any plastic surgery leaves scars, as everyone knows. In your first appointment, as well as on the day of the surgery, several skin and fat measurements will be made, including the pinch test to calculate where the scar will be less visible.

Dr. Alexandre uses a thickness meter called Caliper before and after the surgery to check the final position of the scar.

What to expect from an arm and thigh lift?

For the arms, ideally the scar should be invisible to those in front of you and to those looking at you from behind. We want our patients to have the liberty of going out with short clothes that show the arms. That’s why we make such precise calculations.

For the thighs, we remind you that there will be a scar and we ask our patients to make their decisions based on the bothers this causes and the presence of the scar. The aim is to have the liberty to use the clothes you want and expose your body as you wish. We take pleasure in helping our patients recover their self-esteem that may have been shattered by body changes.

How to have a procedure don in brazil?

Brazilian Plastic Surgery is very well-known around the globe. This began with the work done by Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, which raised the bar for modern plastic surgery worldwide.

At Dr. Alexandre Charão’s clinic, we have developed several protocols to improve our post-op outcomes and your comfort, and were able to summarize years of experience in this site text. Our patients come from many different countries around the world and all of them have reported the following advantages of undergoing the procedure in Brazil:

  1. high technical capacity
  2. lower cost
  3. friendlier experience in comparison to other countries
  4. complete team to facilitate a quick recovery
  5. safety in all steps

The next step for you to eliminate whatever is bothering you is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alexandre Charão. This can be done in two ways:

-> sending a Whatsapp message to + 55 (21) 99474-9160

-> sending an email to

After you get in touch, we will send you a link for the payment of the appointment, which will be scheduled shortly.